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Meetup #5 - Friday, January 19, 2018

Securing an Aurelia application with Firebase authentication

SPAs require a non-traditional approach to authentication. Whereas traditional server-side applications are typically secured using cookies and server-side rendered views—where the server has the context of who the user is—SPAs don’t have this luxury. Because the application views (such as the navigation bar) are rendered on the client side, you need a new set of tools and techniques, first to handle what is shown based on a user’s authentication status, and then to render the page appropriately based on the user’s authorization level. This talk covers how you can use a combination of JSON web tokens (JWT), local storage, and Aurelia’s routing system to build authentication and authorization into your Aurelia applications using Firebase as a back end identity provider.

In this talk we'll cover:

  • Cookie- versus token-based authentication
  • Securing your Aurelia applications with tokens
  • Introduction to Firebase
  • Using value converters, HTTP interceptors, and route-pipeline steps to a sample app with Firebase

Sean Hunter is the lead developer at Oneset Design, a software company based in Melbourne Australia. He is the author of the book Aurelia in Action published by Manning and has been running Aurelia applications in production for almost two years. He regularly posts amazing blog posts about Aurelia on his blog: https://sean-hunter.io/ and you can follow him on twitter at @mr_sean_hunter.

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Built with Aurelia - Roy Hoeijmans

Roy is a full stack software developer at Effectory (http://www.effectory.com). At the beginning of last year, together with his scrum team; Roy rebuilt the front end part of the questionnaire system that is currently used in production by Effectory. The system is built using the Aurelia Framework on top of dotnet Core and hosted in Microsoft Azure. A wonderful UI and UX experience for the questionnaire system was created in collaboration with a design team from Hike One (https://hike.one). Jimmy from Hike One wrote a blog post about the system which can be found here: https://hike.one/update/answering-a-questionnaire-was-never-this-easy

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Meetup #4 - 25 August 2017

The Aurelia CLI inside out

The Aurelia CLI is the starting point for the creation of an Aurelia application. It's an easy to use wizard-style command line interface that allows you to start your Aurelia project with ease. Jeroen will introduce you to the options of the CLI, walk you through the aurelia.json configuration file the wizard generates, and give you an in-depth view of the bundling options provided by the CLI.

Jeroen Vinke (@vinkejeroen) is an Aurelia Core Team member working on the Aurelia CLI. He has previously built the au import, and au install commands in the CLI and is continuously working on improving the CLI experience.

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Built with Aurelia - Mikhail Shilkov

Built with Aurelia is a section of the meetup where someone from the community shows how they used Aurelia and how the experience was building the application.

Mikhail is a senior software engineer at Astrata Europe (https://www.astrata.eu), you can visit his blog at http://mikhail.io.

He and his team have been working on building a B2B (transportation and logistics) application with the Aurelia framework for the last year or so. During this session, he will demonstrate the product and explain how they built it using Aurelia.

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Meetup #3 - 15 June 2017

Chat about Aurelia with a drink while floating through the Amsterdam canals on a boat

With summer time approaching we would like to do a bit of a different meetup. Not inside listening to a presentation, but outside on the water while chatting about Aurelia with other attendees.

Meetup #2 - 10 March 2017

Building Progressive Web Applications using Aurelia - Erik Lieben (@eriklieben)

PWA (Progressive Web Apps) are a set of combined techniques to create web applications that combine the best of the web and mobile apps together. We will explore the world of PWA independently from Aurelia at first, and briefly cover subjects like offline first, app shell, the Service Worker, caching, and IndexedDb Storage. Then we look at how to set up an Aurelia-CLI project using the techniques discussed.

Meetup #1 - 10 December 2016

Introduction to Aurelia - Ashley Grant (@ashleymgrant)

We are very excited to announce the first Aurelia Amsterdam Meetup. To start of with a bang we are very proud to introduce our first speaker: Ashley M Grant! Ashley, is the Community lead for the Aurelia team and will be in Amsterdam to give an introductory presentation on the Aurelia framework!

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